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My Pilates Online Memberships

Grab a My Pilates online membership and gain access to Pilates and Pilates infused workouts all available via a library of workouts designed by Rochelle.
A blend of Pilates, infused with a little more for that extra challenge and overall body workout. From beginner through to advanced… we’ve got you!

Choose From Our 5 Online Memberships

Monthly, 6 monthly, 12 monthly memberships reoccurring, cancel anytime. Gift Pilates - one off payment.

What You Get

Pilates plus more - In your time
With access to all workouts in the library.

What To Expect

A range of workouts from beginner through to advanced, something for all levels.At least one new workout added to the library each week.

Pilates or Pilates Infused Workouts

Choose from completely Pilates or a mix of a little Pilates, a little low HIIT, a little high HIIT to really spice things up!

Your online membership gives you access to Pilates and Pilates infused workouts that you can do in your own time.

NOTE - Classes are not suitable for pregnant women. If you have recently given birth, had surgery or have injuries please seek professional advice from a healthcare professional before participating in any of our classes or physical activity.

Customer Reviews


"No more pain from waking in the morning. I have no doubt Pilates played a pivotal role with stretching and strengthening my muscles. Hey and I have to say that I have grown an inch. I kid you not!"